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Sono Surgery

Sono surgery is a method used to treat musculoskeletal diseases. It involves the use of ultrasound and endoscopic tools to perform a very precise treatment of soft tissues. Due to its low invasiveness, sono surgery is extremely safe for the patient. This treatment technique is used in all surgical disciplines.

Thanks to the possibility of dynamic imaging and evaluation of soft tissues, sono-surgical techniques allow for precise needle guiding in soft tissues or placing them intra-articularly. Thanks to this, this type of treatment is highly effective.

The method of sono surgery is most often used for:

  • treatment of inflammation and damage to the heel cord (Achilles tendon),
  • treatment of inflammation and damage to the patellar ligament,
  • treatment of calcification inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons,
  • treatment of inflammatory conditions within the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa,
  • treatment of tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow,
  • treatment of the cracking finger (anti-inflammatory treatment or A1 retinaculum cutting),
  • treatment of olecranon bursa,
  • treatment of tendon sheath inflammation (e.g. De Quervain’s disease),
  • flushing of calcifications from the rotor cuff tendon,
  • treatment of ganglions and ganglion cysts,
  • treatment of inflammation and pain in the course of overload and degenerative lesions in the acromioclavicular joint joint.

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The procedure of conducting a joint puncture consists in puncturing a needle into the joint, taking joint fluid from inside it. It also allows for precise introduction of the drug to the inflammatory site. The most common type of puncture is the knee joint puncture. The procedure is not particularly painful, and in some cases the patient receives a local anaesthetic to increase his comfort.

The puncture treatment is also carried out in the case of tracheitis, ganglions or jellybags. The puncture consists of taking an exudate to be examined and administering appropriate drugs.

Thanks to the use of ultrasound and endoscopic tools, the doctor has the possibility of extremely precise administration of hyaluronic acid to e.g. a sick knee or hip joint. Injections of this type are not only a safe method, but also effective in treating and combating the symptoms of arthritis.

A doctor using an ultrasound machine is more able to determine trigger points, called trigger points, more precisely. During the procedure called dry needling, the trigger points are pricked with special needles, which allows to release tension and reduce pain.

Steroid blockages are a way to alleviate severe, prolonged pain, which does not go away despite other treatment. A steroid in the form of an injection with strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties is administered under the control of an ultrasound machine. The most frequently injected areas are: subcutaneous tissue, joint, trachea or nerve area. This type of therapy is not seen as a treatment for the cause of the disease, but only a way to relieve the emerging pain and inhibit inflammation.

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