centrum sportowe wrocław

Sports medicine in Wrocław

This is an interdisciplinary field of medicine aimed at observing the processes taking place in the body under the influence of increased physical activity or lack thereof.

Scope of services

In the SportsMedic medical center, we offer comprehensive assistance for athletes in the field of:

  • cardiological care
  • sports orthopedics
  • medical, personal, functional training
  • motor preparation
  • sports nutrition
  • support of a sports psychologist
  • rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy
  • GameReady andRecovery Pump therapy
  • supervision provided by a sports medicine doctor
  • hydrotherapy

When should you schedule an appointment?

We invite you to take advantage of our sports medicine center in Wroclaw, if:

  • you start your sporting adventure and would like to train under the guidance of the best specialists
  • you are a professional athlete and are looking for comprehensive and professional medical care

Price list

In SportsMedic, we offer a range of comprehensive treatments and consultations with sports medicine treatments. The following awaits you:

  • a package of 8 medical trainings + 30 minutes in the wellness zone for PLN 1 080 PLN
  • a package of 8 medical trainings for two people + 30 minutes in the wellness zone for 1 280 PLN
  • 40-minute sports massage for 100 PLN
  • cardiological consultations for 150 PLN
  • cardiological consultations with ECG for 190 PLN
  • cardiological consultations with cardiac ultrasound for 260 PLN
  • cardiological consultations with cardiac ultrasound and ECG for 290 PLN
  • psychological consultations for 120 PLN
  • cold therapy (without ice) for 45 PLN
  • controlled heat therapy for 45 PLN
  • fast contrast therapy for 45 PLN
  • active compression therapy for 45 PLN
  • regeneration therapy with the use ofRecovery Pump for 40 PLN
  • deep lymphatic massage withRecovery Pump for 40 PLN
  • 30-minute hydrotherapy for 50 PLN

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