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Orthopedics is a branch of medicine responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the locomotor system, i.e. joints, muscles and bones. Orthopedic specialists are responsible for correcting posture defects, treating malformations related to the locomotor system and restoring the locomotor system to full functionality in adults and children.

Traumatology (traumatic surgery) is a branch of medicine dealing with surgical treatment of joints, bones and ligaments. This specialization is directly related to orthopedics. Jest to specjalizacja bezpośrednio powiązana z ortopedią.

Scope of services

In SportsMedic, we offer a full range of health services in the field of orthopedics and traumatology of the locomotor system. We provide:

  • specialist consultations
  • specialist consultations in sports orthopedics
  • surgical procedures: knee, shoulder, hand, ankle, foot
  • ultrasound examination of the locomotive organs (ultrasonography)
  • full diagnostics and implementation of an individual process of improvement of the motor organ
  • treatment of diseases using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and hyaluronic acids
  • iPRF (platelet-rich fibrin) treatment of the following conditions: tennis elbow, early degenerative lesions, cruciate ligament damage, muscle injuries
  • diagnosis and treatment of congenital and developmental hip joint defects
  • preluxation examination of children and infants: visual-touch evaluation of the skeletal-articular system and ultrasound of the children hips
  • replacement of standard casts with lightweight synthetic casts
  • fitting of braces, stabilizers, balls and belts

Kiedy powinieneś umówić się na spotkanie?

The visit to the orthopedic specialist and the traumatologist orthopedist should be made by patients who:

  • suffered an injury to the locomotor system (fracture, dislocation, torsion)
  • complain of spinal and osteoarticular pains
  • feel pain when walking
  • experience problems with limb and joint mobility
  • would like to diagnose the child for possible congenital defects of the locomotor system and check the development of the locomotor system
  • suffer from osteoporosis or rheumatism
  • experience sensory disturbances

Price list

In the SportsMedic medical center, we provide:

  • orthopedic consultations for 150 PLN
  • orthopedic consultations with ultrasound for 200 PLN
  • Ultrasound: shoulder joint, elbow joint, knee joint, hip joint, muscles, hands, feet, Achilles tendons for 120 PLN
  • Ultrasound of children’s hips for 160 PLN
  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment for 850 PLN
  • iPRF (platelet rich fibrin) therapies for 850 PLN
  • bioLEVOX ONE therapies 550 PLN
  • bioLEVOX therapies 210 PLN
  • Flexus Fluid 210 PLN
  • Flexus Fluid One 700 PLN
  • Puncture 100 PLN
  • Intra-articular block 100 PLN
  • Joint puncture PLN 130
  • Punkcje kaletek, ganglionów, torbieli galaretowatych 160 zł
  • Dry needle punch application 150 PLN
  • Flushing of calcifications from the rotator cuff tendon 400 PLN
  • PRP platelet rich plasma 850 PLN

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