laryngologia wrocław


A field of medicine with its aim to prevent, diagnose and treat respiratory organs and the ear. Specialist doctors carry out medical consultations, make full diagnostics and perform minor laryngological procedures in both adults and children.

Scope of services

In the SportsMedic complex medical center we offer a rich package ofotorhinolaryngological services and treatments, including:

  • laryngological consultation
  • laryngological consultations with endoscopy
  • laryngological consultations for children
  • nasal conchae plasty
  • palatoplasty
  • removal of minor changes in the oral cavity
  • frenulum undercutting
  • tympanometry (impedance audiometry)

tympanometry (impedance audiometry) When should you schedule an appointment?

You should schedule a specialist medical consultation if you experience:

  • ear pain
  • sinus pain
  • nose bleeds
  • chronic rhinitis
  • dizziness
  • loss of smell and/or taste
  • loss of balance

Price list

In SportsMedic we offer the following services, performed by experienced specialists:

  • laryngological consultations for 150 PLN
  • laryngological consultations with endoscopy for 190 PLN
  • laryngological consultations for children for 150 PLN
  • nasal conchae plasty for 600 PLN
  • palatoplasty for 600 PLN
  • removal of minor changes in the oral cavity starting at 150 PLN
  • frenulum undercutting (children under 1 year old) for 250 PLN
  • tympanometry (impedance audiometry) for 50 PLN in addition to the appointment price

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