dietetyk wrocław


It is a medical science concerning human nutrition, in which a dietician specialist diagnoses and selects a balanced, rational dietary plan. The services of a dietician can be used by both healthy people (to maintain the figure and well-being) and sick people (requiring elimination diets or dietary plans aimed at weight reduction).

Scope of services

We offer dietary care in an interdisciplinary medical center:

  • dietary consultations
  • dietary consultations for athletes
  • preparation of an individual menu
  • conducting tests for food intolerance

When should you schedule an appointment?

Dietary consultations are addressed to all those willing to take care of their dietary plan, investigate food deficiencies or intolerances and get help from a professional dietician. We recommend a visit, if you:

  • can’t get rid of those extra weight
  • are struggling with the yoyo effect
  • feel bad after eating (nausea, stomach pains)
  • suffer from diabetes or insulin resistance
  • suffer from hypertension
  • have elevated cholesterol level
  • want a rational and balanced nutrition plan

Price list

In our medical center, as a part of dietetic we offer:

  • dietary consultations (first one) for 150 PLN
  • dietary consultations (additional ones) for 130 PLN
  • preparation of an individual 14-day menu at the price of 300 PLN

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