A field of medicine whose main objective is the prevention and prevention of skin aging processes. The advantage of aesthetic medicine treatments is to obtain satisfactory rejuvenating effects or maintaining a young appearance in a non-invasive or minimally invasive way.

Scope of services

Treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine are performed in our medical center by an experienced specialist Dr. Grzegorz Szpotowicz. In the offer there is:

A. Treatments using botulinum toxin:

  • Wrinkle correction with botox (forehead, lion’s wrinkle, crow’s feet, full lift)
  • treatment of hyperhidrosis with botox
  • treatment of migraine pain with botox
  • B. Treatments using hyaluronic acid:
  • hyaluronic acid filling
  • correction of moderate wrinkles, nasolabial furrows, marionette lines
  • deep wrinkle correction
  • mouth augmentation
  • facial volumetry
  • C. Plasma rich platelets
  • (face, neck, cleavage, hands)
  • treatment of baldness
  • Mesotherapy (face, face + neck, face + neck + neckline, scalp, thighs, buttocks)
  • D. Injection lipolysis (chin, thighs, buttocks, breeches, backs)D

When should you make an appointment?

If you feel the need to improve the quality of your life and beauty, we invite you to free consultations, for individual assessment and selection of the best treatment by our specialist. Aesthetic medicine can help you to eliminate complexes and emphasize the advantages of beauty.

Price list

In the SportsMedic, medical center we provide the following services:

  • Botox forehead filling for 375 PLN
  • Botox filling of the lion’s wrinkle for 375 PLN
  • Botox filling of crow’s feet for 375 PLN
  • full lift of the face area with botox for 900 zł
  • Elimination of hyperhidrosis (armpits / feet / hands) in the price of 900-1800 PLN  (consultation required before the procedure)
  • fillers based on hyaluronic acid (price per 1 ml of the preparation) 800-1000 PLN 
  • correction of moderate wrinkles, nasolabial furrows, marionette lines, lip augmentation (preparations available: Stylage M, Emervel Classic, Restylane Classic, Restylena Skinbooster, Stylage S) for 800 zł
  • deep wrinkle correction, lip augmentation (available preparations: Restylane Lips, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Defyne) in the price of 900 PLN
  • Face volume (available preparations: Stylage L, XL, Emervel Voluma) for 1000 PLN
  • Plasma rich platelets around the face of the neck, neckline, hands included:
  • 500 PLN for one area
  • PLN 700 for two areas
  • PLN 800 for three areas
    (treatments also possible with Regeneris)
  • Mesotherapy (available preparations: RRS, Cytocare, Dermaheal, Filorga):
  • face for 400-700 PLN
  • face and neck for 500-800 PLN
  • face, neck and neckline for 600-1000 PLN
  • scalp for 200-400 PLN
  • thighs, buttocks for 600-1000 PLN
  • Injection lipolysis (with Aqualyx):
  •  chin for 300-450 PLN
  • thighs, buttocks, breeches, sides price determined after consultation

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