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The SportsMedic medical center is a modern facility equipped with specialist medical equipment of the highest class, which allows to provide many medical services directly in the facility. We offer comprehensive, private medical care for all patients seeking professional medical support.

SportsMedic Medical Center is a medical care at the highest, global level, where the patient and his health is most important to us.

Using an automated notification system, each patient is informed about the visit the day before the appointment.

Our center is a fully equipped medical and physiotherapeutic rooms, a sports hall designed for functional medical and motor training.

In addition, there is a wellness area equipped with specialized whirlpool and ice baths.

The health of our patients is taken care of by a team of specialists:

  • orthopedics and traumatology of the locomotor system
  • cardiology,
  • laryngology,
  • dietetics,
  • neurology,
  • rheumatology,
  • urology,
  • physiotherapy,
  • internal diseases,
  • endocrinology,
  • headache treatment ,
  • sports medicine,
  • sono surgery (ultrasound-guided procedures).
o nas - sportsmedic centrum medyczne

While waiting to be admitted to a specialist doctor, we offer a cosy and comfortable waiting room, equipped with press and drinks.

SportsMedic – with a passion for health

The SportsMedic Medical Center is a friendly place for athletes, physically active people and all patients who need support in treating all kinds of injuries, illnesses or diseases.

We would like to invite everyone who wants to take advantage of comprehensive, private medical care and meet the staff of experienced general, specialist and sports medicine specialists.

Modern physician’s surgeries are equipped with professional medical equipment allowing for such examinations as: ultrasound, exercise tests, minor laryngological procedures or innovative Game Ready therapy.

“Furthermore, we have a special offer for professional athletes, which offers the possibility of comprehensive motor preparation for a given sport under the supervision of professionals. Our sports medicine center offers personnel, which, thanks to many years of experience and training, provides specialist medical care at the highest level.

sportsmedic centrum medyczne wrocław

Where are we?

The SportsMedic medical center is located in Wrocław at 2A Dokerska Street in the Pilczycka Viktor Gallery on the second floor.

The facility offers free parking on the premises of the Gallery

Access to the SportsMedic Medical Center:

You can get to Kozanów by tram:

31 Gaj – Dworzec Główny – Stadion Wrocław

32 Gaj – Dworzec Główny – Kozanów (Dokerska)

and the line’s buses:

C Kozanów – pl. Grunwaldzki Grunwaldzki

101 Kwiska – Leśnica

102 pl. Jana Pawła II – Wojanowska (through Legnicka)

103 pl. Jana Pawła II – Pracze Odrzańskie

104 pl. Jana Pawła II – Rędzińska

126 Kozanów – Racławicka

127 Kozanów – Zwycięska

136 Kozanów – Tarnogaj

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