Learn about medical, personal and motor training, which is a perfect form of rehabilitation, preparation of the body for competitive training and return to physical fitness after an injury.

trening medyczny

Medical training – for who and when?

Medical training is designed for everyone who wants to practice sport in a safe and controlled way. Experienced SportsMedic physiotherapists will show you how to train so as not to strain yourself and will adapt the exercises to your fitness level. Medical training is intended for both women and men who want to know the efficiency of their body and choose the right exercises to strengthen selected parts of the body. If you want to try medical trainings we have prepared for you special promotional packages of 8 trainings + 30 minutes in the wellness zone:

  • a package for 1 person for 1080 PLN
  • a package for 2 people for 1280 PLN

Personal training under the supervision of an experienced trainer

During personal training, a specialist from our medical center selects strength exercises in such a way as to improve the performance of the body, strengthen selected parts of the body and fight with you for the silhouette you dream of. It is an ideal option for all those who want to build a silhouette and work on muscle mass.

Motor training for athletes

The last training offered in the interdisciplinary medical center SportsMedic is motor training aimed at athletes. This training is aimed at improving the efficiency of the body and the sporting form of the player both amateur and professional. Such training improves the overall performance of the body and the risk of overload injuries is minimized.

The specialists are waiting!

Training sessions in SportsMedic are conducted by, and under the guidance of experienced trainers:

  • Monika Drozdel 
  • Artur Hetman 

Feel invited to a visit! Call us and make an appointment: 71 711 97 23 or write a message: rejestracja@sportsmedic.pl

Jak dojechać do centrum medycznego SportsMedic?

Nasze prywatne centrum medyczne mieści się we Wrocławiu w Galerii Pilczyckiej Victor przy ulicy Dokerskiej 2A.

Wybierając dojazd do SportsMedic od strony centrum Wrocławia, należy się kierować ulicą Legnicką, następnie skręcić w ulicę Na ostatnim groszu i skręcić w lewo na ulicę Pilczycką. Po prawej stronie znajduje się Galeria Pilczycka Victor. Jeśli jadą Państwo do nas samochodem, polecamy skręcić za światłami w prawo, w ulicę Kozanowską, a następnie kierować się na parking Galerii Pilczyckiej Victor. Parking jest bezpłatny.

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