Are you suffering from chronic pain and are you looking for a non-invasive solution that will help you relieve it and get back to life? Feel invited to shockwave treatments. From 13th May to 22nd May 2020, our SportsMedic medical center will perform shockwave tests of the latest type.

fala uderzeniowa wrocław

Who is shockwave therapy aimed at?

Shock waves are used in non-invasive therapy, which is an alternative to serious surgical procedures. This medical procedure treats not only the symptoms of chronic musculoskeletal pain, calcifications and abnormal bone adhesions, but also the causes of the occurring pain and discomfort.

How does shockwave therapy work?

Shock waves act in a non-invasive way, reaching deep layers of the skin, where they stimulate cells to intensify regeneration and healing processes. This process has a direct effect on the damaged tissues and relieves chronic pain.

Shock wave Wrocław price

From 13th to 22nd May 2020, there will be tests of the latest type of shock wave therapy, so our medical center will be able to perform a non-invasive, modern treatment at a reduced price of 50 PLN. After the end of the promotional period, shockwave therapy will be available at the SportsMedic medical center for 80 PLN.

Shock Wave Wroclaw – register

All those interested in using our test offer are encouraged to register for a visit. You can do it by phone, by calling: 71 711 97 23or contact us by email, writing to the address: [email protected] Feel invited!

Jak dojechać do centrum medycznego SportsMedic?

Nasze prywatne centrum medyczne mieści się we Wrocławiu w Galerii Pilczyckiej Victor przy ulicy Dokerskiej 2A.

Wybierając dojazd do SportsMedic od strony centrum Wrocławia, należy się kierować ulicą Legnicką, następnie skręcić w ulicę Na ostatnim groszu i skręcić w lewo na ulicę Pilczycką. Po prawej stronie znajduje się Galeria Pilczycka Victor. Jeśli jadą Państwo do nas samochodem, polecamy skręcić za światłami w prawo, w ulicę Kozanowską, a następnie kierować się na parking Galerii Pilczyckiej Victor. Parking jest bezpłatny.

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