Endokrynolog a ciąża – hormony pod kontrolą

There are many changes in a woman’s body that require consultation and medical care during pregnancy One of the most important issues is a visit to an endocrinologist. See what awaits you at SportsMedic’s interdisciplinary medical center.

endokrynolog a ciaza

Visiting an endocrinologist when pregnant, Wrocław

A pregnant woman struggles with many hormonal changes, which should be observed and controlled under the care of a specialist doctor. The thyroid during pregnancy may be exposed to hormonal leapswhich may cause hypothyroidism during pregnancyor hyperactivity.

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We invite you to a with an endocrinologist, Dr. Natalia Rogala. Make an appointment through the Znany Lekarz,website, give us a call: 71 711 97 23 or write to :[email protected]

Thyroid ultrasound during pregnancy, Wrocław - an important diagnosis

Examination of the thyroid gland with an ultrasound is completely painless, non-invasive and helps to observe if nothing alarming happens to the gland. Comprehensive endocrine consultation at every stage of pregnancy is one of the most important medical procedures, including a unique time for a woman.

Thyroid ultrasound during pregnancy, Wrocław - an important diagnosis

Thyroid disorders can make it harder for you to get pregnant, so it is important to have proper diagnosis and medical care. By controlling the concentration of hormones, and keeping them normal, thanks to the implemented treatment, a woman should not have problems with getting the desired pregnancy.

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