Thyroid problems, such as hyperactivity or hypothyroidism, are extremely common in today’s world. Poor wellbeing, insomnia,lack of appetite or a constant appetite may indicate a hormonal imbalance. Wykonaj Do a thyroid ultrasound in our medical center and take care of your health today.

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Thyroid ultrasound

This is a completely painless and non-invasive ultrasound examination. The patient’s neck is covered with a special gel that helps the ultrasound head to read the exact thyroid image. An ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland is recommended by your endocrinologist to rule out or confirm any problems with the function of this gland.

Thyroid Doctor Wroclaw – SportsMedic specialists are waiting

The interdisciplinary SportsMedic medical center employs qualified and experienced endocrinologists who will comprehensively examine patients for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

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We invite you to a with an endocrinologist, Dr. Natalia Rogala. Make an appointment through the Znany Lekarz,website, give us a call: 71 711 97 23 or write to :rejestracja@sportsmedic.pl

Hyperthyroidism, Wrocław – symptoms

The main alarming symptoms that may indicate hyperthyroidism include: a feeling of hotness, increased sweating, tremor in the hands, weight loss, despite increased hunger, and a feeling of irritation.

Hypothyroidism, Wrocław – symptoms

Hypothyroidism may be evidenced by the following symptoms: a feeling of continuous cold, a lowered mood (depression), weight gain or a feeling of tiredness and sleepiness.

Pediatric endocrinologist Wrocław – an important diagnosis

It is not true that endocrine problems occur only in adulthood. A young organism may also be exposed to hormonal disorders. That is why it is worthwhile to consult your child with a children’s endocrinologist at SportsMedic.

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