When to perform the Doppler ultrasound of the lower extremities?

Doppler ultrasound or Doppler examination,helps cardiologists or vascular surgeons to diagnose cardiovascular diseases. The results of such an examination provide physicians with the necessary information on the capacity of veins and arteries, and early detection of obstructions may protect the patient from serious health consequences. This examination is often used to diagnose varicose veins on the legs.

Poznaj wszystkie informacje o badaniu USG Dopplera, na które zapraszamy do centrum medycznego SportsMedic.

What is a Doppler ultrasound?

Doppler ultrasound is primarily a painless, non-invasive examination, which is fully safe for the patient. It consists in observing blood flow using changes in the frequency of ultrasound waves. These, bouncing off the moving blood cells, are analyzed by the device and the results show the direction and speed of blood flow.

Such an information allows the doctor in the medical center to perform a more detailed analysis and find regions with slower, blocked or retreating blood flow In a healthy person, the blood sent from the heart to e.g. the lower extremities returns to the heart thanks to a muscle pump, and the venous valves protect the course against gravity. Valve regurgitation as such may cause problems with the return of blood to the heart from parts below the heart level.

Depending on the purpose of the examination, the cardiologist or vascular surgeon may use one of the given techniques for Doppler examination:

  • Doppler ultrasound using a continuous wave,
  • Doppler ultrasound using a pulsed wave,
  • Doppler Duplex ultrasound,
  • Doppler color ultrasound,
  • Power Doppler.

The techniques given differ in the possibilities of testing the speed of blood flow, determining the exact depth of the vessel, analyzing the surrounding tissues or determining the direction of blood flow.

Doppler ultrasound / possibility of examination Ultrasound Doppler with continuous wave Ultrasound Doppler with pulse wave Doppler ultrasound Duplex Color ultrasound Doppler Power Doppler
direction of blood flow possible possible possible possible possible in detail X
flow rate possible possible possible possible possible
flow speed possible in detail X possible possible possible
depth of the vessel X possible X possible X
observation of adjacent tissues X X possible X X

Doppler ultrasound techniques due to the possibilities of performed tests.

Doppler ultrasound examination - the course of the examination

Doctor is a person who may determine the need for an, Doppler ultrasound. Wroclaw SportsMedic medical center offers cardiological consultations during which a cardiologist can issue a referral for such an examination.

The examination itself takes about 30 minutes, depending on the technique chosen and the region examined. The part of the patient’s body that is being examined should be uncovered. The doctor performing the examination covers the patient’s skin with a special gel, and then performs the examination with the help of the Doppler head. For some test techniques, the image is visible on the monitor, allowing for instant evaluation of the blood vessels.

Indications for Doppler ultrasound

Performing Doppler ultrasound can provide the attending physician with a lot of necessary information to create a further treatment plan. Due to its non-invasiveness and painlessness, this test is used e.g. to check fetal blood flow. However, it is most often used in the appearance of varicose veins on the legs of patients or spider veins on legs, – typical for the onset of this disease..

Doppler ultrasound is particularly helpful in detecting lesions in blood vessels. Early detected arterial obstructions, venous blockages or aneurysms allow effective prevention of atherosclerosis or vein thrombosis.

When is it worth going for an ultrasound Doppler of the limb arteries?

If you have recently experienced any of the following symptoms, we recommend a cardiac consultation at the SportsMedic medical center.

  • Limb numbness
  • Limb coldness
  • Limb pains
  • Poor wound healing

Doppler ultrasound examination is also particularly recommended for atherosclerosis in the limbs or after vascular reconstruction.

When is it worthwhile to perform Doppler ultrasound of lower limb veins?

If you often feel numbness and freezing in your limbs, have a feeling disorder in your limbs, or experience pain in them, you should see a doctor. Abnormalities detected quickly have a better chance of being cured.

It is particularly important to perform Doppler ultrasound examination of lower limb veins in case of:

  • varicose veins,
  • leg edema,
  • presence of “heavy” leg symptoms,
  • deep vein thrombosis.

Diagnostics of varicose veins on legs

Varicose veins are deformed and enlarged veins that become visible on the calves, lower legs or thighs. They are formed when blood does not flow freely through blood vessels and are a symptom of chronic venous disease.

The first symptoms of leg varicose veins are visiblespiders on legs, i.e. telangiectasia. Next, the veins begin to expand, becoming particularly visible on the lower leg But they do not cause pain or swelling yet. During the penultimate stage of leg varicose veins formationthe veins become more and more convex and winding. Eventually, the skin of the legs becomes discolored, and this is accompanied by ailments such as:

  • heavy leg sensation,
  • itching,
  • nightly calf cramps,
  • burning and tingling sensation.

It is worthwhile to observe your body and together with the first symptoms of leg varicose veins formation, i.e. during the occurrence of so-called spider veins on your legs, go to a specialist to perform Doppler ultrasound.

Doppler ultrasound – Wroclaw

We invite you to take advantage of the cardiological offer at the SportsMedic medical center in Wrocław. We are performing Doppler ultrasounds of the arteries and veins of the limbs.. We use one of the latest equipment for this type of testing. Make an appointment!

How to get to the SportsMedic medical center?

Nasze prywatne centrum medyczne mieści się we Wrocławiu w Galerii Pilczyckiej Victor przy ulicy Dokerskiej 2.

When choosing the route to SportsMedic from the center of Wroclaw, follow Legnicka Street, then turn into Na ostatnim groszu Street and turn left into Pilczycka Street. Pilczycka Viktor Gallery will be located on the right. If you are coming to us by car, we recommend that you turn right behind the traffic lights into Kozanowska Street and then head to the parking lot of Pilczycka Viktor Gallery. Parking is free.

Jeśli korzystają Państwo z komunikacji miejskiej, polecamy skorzystać z tramwajów linii 31, 33. W przypadku autobusu, dojeżdża do nas autobus linii 103.

Nasze centrum medyczne SportsMedic znajduje się na 2. piętrze Galerii Pilczyckiej Victor.

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